The Hottest SEO Trends In 2017: Insight From Semalt

In 2017, new search engine optimization trends have emerged. This change follows the announcement of the new algorithm criteria developed by Google. The principle gives more weight to SEO aspects such as content quality and relevance as well as mobile friendly initiatives. At the same time, old tactics such as keyword stuffing have been deemed as black hat tools, which cause penalties.

Nik Chaykovskiy, the expert of Semalt Digital Services gives some SEO ideas, which can make your website rank quickly this year.

1. Expect A Continued Emphasis on Mobile

Google is featuring mobile friendly sites. In the past two decades, cell phones have been slowly replacing desktops in browsing the internet. Since 2015, Google announced that mobile friendly websites would be criteria for Google to rank websites. Furthermore, websites which do not have a mobile friendliness of interface are receiving a penalty of getting low levels. Google has also made it clear that it will soon split the indexing of mobile and desktop websites. For this reason, person building websites should make them mobile friendly, optimize mobile searches and increase the responsiveness of the site. The mobile index will make such websites rank high.

2. Expect More Sites to Take Up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Since 2015, AMP's has been the trend when it comes to optimizing web pages for mobile browsers. Since the passage of the mobile friendly initiative, AMP is one of the ways of making sure that a website has UEO. AMPs load up to 5 times faster and at the same time, conserves data usage up to 8 times the normal way websites consume.

3. The Importance of User Experience Optimization (UEO) Will Grow

Google advices online marketers and website builders to put more emphasis on building quality websites. Google relies on factors such as simplicity, ease of use, navigation and accessibility. A site should give the user a good browsing experience for it to rank first in the search engines.

4. Voice Search Is on The Rise

The voice search is picking up as one of the methods for performing searches. Software like Siri, Cortana and Google Now uses voice commands to place search queries in the search engine. Web developers should venture into this new field especially with the rise of devices using up the internet such as smart TV's.

5. Content Is Now Search Intent-Focused

SEO has been targeting keywords research. However, Google is now searcher-oriented. Google will rank content which has a high interest among the audience. Parameters such as bounce rate, engagement time and pages visited are going to be some of the factors in ranking higher on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).


As a digital marketer, one should stay vigilant and ready to keep up with the changes. For this year, several amendments have been made by most search engines. From the AMP changes to mobile-first SEO. These changes have made several trends to change the traditional search engine practice. Following the tips mentioned above, one can be ready for the changes that consequent in receiving a good ranking on search engines.